Laser Focus

The lights are dimmed. The Bond music is playing loudly in the background. You tip-toe as quietly as you can along the walls and peer around corners. The circles on your chest and back glow red and yellow. You hope you see someone before you’re seen. You spot another glowing circle of light and just as you aim you hear the “do-do-do-do-do” of your gun.

“Damn it! I’m coming for you, Ricochet!”

This is what happens when you’re laser tagging. For my last excursion, I grabbed three friends and headed about 50 minutes away to Downers Grove, IL to Laser Quest. For a single game, it’s $8.50 per person for nonmembers, $6.50 for members for 20 minutes of play. I know, right? That is an awesome deal.

Unfortunately for us, we did not call ahead to see what sort of availability they had and run into the problem of having to wait until the very end of the night to play. I highly recommend that you call ahead in order to ensure a lack of waiting. I learned this the hard way. However, it ended up working out great for us, but more on that later.

While you wait, you can play a number of arcade games, air hockey, fooseball or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a concrete version of Twister. Clearly, we chose that last option.

When it is your turn to play, you are allowed to pick your game name (mine being Alaska as a nod to the unbelievable work of John Green) and are given an activator for your gear. This is a good time to do some stretching.

You are then lead into the briefing room to be told the rules, how to use your gear and how to play.

As I said, we ended up getting to play the final game of the night. While this may seem terrible, it was actually totally fun. We ended up being the only four playing! Because we were such a small group, the worker allowed us to choose our music. Our choices were techno, Star Wars or Bond. Without hesitating, we all said, “Bond.”

When the alarm went off, each of us ducked off into separate directions. With there being so few of us in there, it was easy to walk around and not find anyone for a few minutes. By the same token, this made it so much more intense when you did find someone as it was now super competitive. Since we’re all adults here, there was a heavy amount of cursing going on.

The music was one of the best parts, I think. It really did make you feel like you were on a very serious mission and that mission was to annihilate your friends in the safest way possible. The room is lit with black lights, so I suggest that you not wear bright colors or white if you want to be successful. There is also a lot of moving around on the ground, on ramps and on platforms, so comfortable shoes are ideal.

Laser tag is a fun and cheap way to have a good time and basically get a work out in with your friends. While I very sadly came in last place amongst the four of us, I still had a great time and am very seriously excited for the next go around.

That’s right. You heard me, Ricochet. It’s on like Donkey Kong. I’m coming for you!



One thought on “Laser Focus

  1. I really enjoyed this. I loved the pictures, the one with the guy stretching made me laugh for some reason. The only suggestion I would have would be to put the name of the laser tag place before your title. For example “Laser Quest: Laser Focus.” I only say this because the professor told me it makes it easier for people to find your blog in Google. I’m not sure how well it works. Because I tried it with mine, then Googled my blog and still couldn’t find it. But thought I share that piece of info.

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