Dinner, A Movie, One Place, Oh My!

Ah, dinner and a movie. The perfect date night, right? You head to the theater and afterwards, you have a conversation starter. But what if you could skip the driving and parking and lapse between the two when you can just combine them?

That’s what I did when I headed out to Naperville, IL to Hollywood Palms Cinema. Well, it wasn’t exactly a night of romance since I was accompanied by these two…

..but I digress. Feeling the combined desire to both eat and watch a movie, I asked my sister, Kaitlin, and one of my best friends, Val, to join me. Luckily, they had the same feeling and we were good to go.

For a movie theater, tickets are reasonably priced. Movies are $6 before 5:30, $8 otherwise. 3D movies are $11. The best part? If you’re a college student, admission is only $3 with a valid ID on Wednesdays. I know, right? They’re just begging us to come on in.

Anyway, we got our tickets to Hotel Transylvania and made our way through the (oddly) jungle inspired lobby to get in line. If you’re a movie buff like myself, staring at the walls plastered with movie posters from the golden era all the way through today has you mesmerized. It actually helps pass the time while you wait to be let into your theater.

Once your theater is called, the usher will tell you which color theater to walk towards (ours being the Green Theater). Instead of stadium seating like any of us are used to, the theater is full of comfortable chairs and rows of tables. Each table has a menus waiting for you to peruse. The menu is actually one of my favorite parts of the experience. Every single item on the menu is a play on a movie or an actor or actress or director’s name. You almost can’t decide because you like the play on words so much.

As a self-respecting Tolkien fan, it was absolutely impossible for me not to order the Lord of the Onion Rings appetizer when the waitress came around prior to the single preview shown. It did feel pretty awesome to order it, too. We also shared some Oscar Fries (cheese fries) and Moe Sticks (mozzarella sticks). Since I am terrible at making a decision when it comes to names like these, Val and I decided to split the Kevin BLT (you just have to laugh at that) and the Chevy Cheeseburger. Kaitlin simply could not deny herself from eating the Chuck Norris Chicken. Kids these days, I tell you.

Since it was a Sunday, the two of us legal to drink alcohol made the conscious decision not to indulge ourselves, but don’t think that that means the drinks get left out of the name game. Tequila Mockingbird, Dirty Harry Martini and the Carrie Cosmopolitan are just some of your fun options. They also have great deals on drinks during the week.

Luckily for us, the waitress came back around at just the right time to ask us what we wanted for dessert. While I refrained as I was carrying a serious food baby by this time, Kaitlin ordered Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Val ordered the Rascally Wabbit Carrot Cake just as the movie was hitting its emotional pinnacle. I swear, these animated features may not seem like it, but they can be emotional juggernauts. (Seriously, did anyone see Up?)

If you’re full but still have food left over, it’s the same as any restaurant. You can box it up and head out on your merry way.

It was a really fun experience to be able to sit in the movie theater and be able to enjoy dinner as well. The theater is spacious and you don’t feel like the waitress walking around or the people quietly chatting is bothersome. It isn’t something that I would recommend doing with every single movie that you see, but every once and awhile it’s nice.

The theater also hosts fun special events like advanced screenings or screenings with the actors from the film being shown. For information on those events, the food, the specials, what’s playing, directions and more, visit their website here.


2 thoughts on “Dinner, A Movie, One Place, Oh My!

  1. I love the picture idea you have for the menu (for this blog and your last one). But I think it would be nice if one could click on the picture and it would take up the whole screen. I know when I post pictures on my blog you can click on them and they enlarge. I do not know how you keep your pictures from being enlarged? (Could you teach me?)

    Anyhow I really enjoyed the blog and the word play. I really liked the picture of your friend and your sister with the huge sign above them, good picture. And I just have to say Chuck Norris Chicken? I want to go just for that!

    • I made it so that you can click the link to the menu in my paragraph! See? I listened!

      I have no idea how the pictures are doing that. Maybe it’s magic?

      I know, right? It really is hard not to order things simply based on their names.

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