Beer Buddies

It’s time to face facts. Beer is the fuel of college students across America. There’s just no getting around that. This obvious fact is what lead me to round up the troops and make our way to Sawyer, MI to scope out the wonderful microbrewery, Greenbush Brewery.

After roughly an hour of driving along 80-94 East, crossing the border between Indiana and Michigan and some serious rainfall that made us question it being the first day of Fall, we had made it to our destination. Just one turn off the exit and you’ll see BREWERY staring down at you in big block letters inviting you in.

Despite this being on the smaller side, Greenbush has a really nice, down home feeling to it. There are tables for four or there’s a giant communal table right down the middle. We plopped ourselves down at this giant table and took a gander at our choices.

The photo above is my first beer, a nice cream ale called Traktor. To go with my and my friend’s first beers (both very dark), we eyed the snacks and got the blue cheese and bacon dip with kettle chips. Yes, it tasted like heaven and went beautifully with our beer. (Little known fact: cheese actually goes better with beer than it does with wine. Take that!)

After that, I made the decision to taste the Red Bud. I’m not usually one for wheat beers because they tend to make me think I’m drinking bread and leave me with a weird grainy taste in my mouth, but this was absolutely delicious.

By this time, our group was joined by another friend and he ordered the entire section of snacks on the menu. While we didn’t eat the food here this time around and although they have an incredibly small kitchen, the food still smelled delicious. For your viewing pleasure, I will include a shot of the menu.

(I’m coming for you next time, sandwich section. You better watch out as well, pulled pork. You smelled like heaven. That is, if heaven is a place where the fat kids roam and sing about pork.)

Being the responsible driver that I am, I only drank two full beers, but my cohorts had quite a selection between them. The selection included: Closure, Anger, Retribution, Mr.Hyde, Penitence and Micromegas. I wasn’t into most of them, but the Micromegas was absolutely delicious. It had an almost fruity flavor to it. It made me wish I wasn’t driving and could have a full pint (which was only $4!).

It might be small, but Greenbush is definitely on its way to becoming a huge brewery. And I’m not just saying that because two guys I went to high school with work there. It has such a great vibe to it and you can tell that everyone there really enjoys what they’re doing. It’s a great place to sit down with your friends and make both stupid and smart conversation over really delicious beer. The drive is a straight shot and totally worth it. For all the information on the hours, the descriptions of the beers and contact info, visit their website.

Is a week later too soon to go back? No? Okay then. Who wants in next time?


One thought on “Beer Buddies

  1. The first picture is beautiful. The second picture needs a link to the menu, or needs to be able to be clicked on to make it bigger. No one can read the menu at the size it is now. The only thing I have to say is to include pictures of people. I only say this, because of my time with the Chronicle. Our adviser was Jerry Davich from the Post Tribune. And he always preached about including pictures of people with our stories. Saying that it is more eye catching than pictures of things. But maybe the rules are different for blogging?

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